Schedule campaign

Scheduled or on-demand report generation and email campaigns

Generate PDFs

Generates multi-page PDF (or PPTX) reports with user defined slicers applied to all pages.

Email reports

PDF reports emailed as attachments to users, with contact mail IDs mapped to slicer values.

Monitor campaign

Detailed campaign logging and error-reporting.


Reports set up and run by business users. Requires no IT infrastructure or expertise.


PDF and data encryption. Multi-Factor Authentication. API integration.


AWS hosted. Multi-node execution. On-demand scaling.

Pay as you go


Account setup

USD 99

One-time fee payable at account activation

PDF reports

10¢ per PDF 1

Minimum fee of USD 30 per month

PDF reports
Table and matrix visuals as MS Excel files

20¢ per report 2

Minimum fee of USD 50 per month

API Integration

USD 250

For automated refresh of slicer values and email IDs via your system’s API


API design, development and deployment

Project based pricing

To write an API on your reporting system to enable API integration with BI Helper

Client storage

To automate the movement and storage of the generated PDF reports into client’s storage location in the cloud (e.g., AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint)

Data sovereignty

One-time fee for PDF report processing and storage in your preferred AWS geographic region

1.   Each PDF can be mailed to multiple recipients at no additional charge.
2.   Supports full vertical and horizontal scrolling of your visuals and retains report data pivots in the Excel sheet. Sent as email attachments along with the PDF report or separately. Pricing covers ALL table and matrix visuals required with each report.
3.   For pricing of high volume requirements (over 5,000 PDFs per month), custom functionality or additional services, write to us at

Yes, BI Helper is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in the US. You only need to set up your existing BI reports on BI Helper, and our platform will configure them for automated PDF generation and email distribution.

Based on the report size (# pages), BI Helper will dynamically provision the required server infrastructure on AWS and execute your report in multiple parallel threads to meet your SLAs for delivery times.

At any given time, you can run 50 concurrent jobs (unique reports) on BI Helper. For each report, there is no limit on the number of PDFs you can generate or on the number of email recipients to whom they can be sent.

Yes, BI Helper provides API Integration and it can pull the report filters and email contacts from your systems by using the APIs given by you.

Yes, the generation of PDFs and their distribution by email are separate and independent processes. Email configuration can be edited after the PDFs have been generated. If you want to generate and store PDFs but not distribute them, BI Helper allows you to disable the email process.

BI Helper provides comprehensive error alerts and reporting. During and after the execution, you can see how many files got generated, how many failed and WHY they failed and the bounced emails. You can also see the execution history of the last 5 job runs.

For Power BI - BI Helper does NOT require your Power BI login credentials. You sign in using your Microsoft account and grant BI Helper permissions to access your reports. You can revoke this permission at any time.

For Tableau and Qlik - BI Helper requires your login credentials to access your reports. These credentials are encrypted (not human-readable) and securely stored in BI Helper. We have implemented security safeguards in BI Helper including but not limited to data encryption, virtual network, Multi-Factor Authentication, detailed alerting and logging. Please write to us to know more about our security and access controls.

For Power BI - BI helper does NOT require your Power BI login credentials.

For Tableau and Qlik - No we cannot see them. Your credentials are encrypted and stored, and are not human-readable.

BI Helper at no stage requires you to bypass the security policies of your organization. You can control BI Helper and its access just like you control access of any employee in your organization. BI Helper integrates easily with Multi-Factor Authentication, VPN setup and operates with standard organizational security policies.

We recommend the following security and access setup for your reports:
  • 1. Create a new Power BI user account for your reports and limit its access to only the reports which you want to distribute using BI Helper.
  • 3. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your account