Scheduled or on-demand report generation and email campaigns


Generates multi-page PDF (or PPTX) reports with user defined slicers applied to all pages.


Entire report attached to an html email and sent to defined mailing list, with contact email IDs mapped to slicer values.


Hosted on AWS. Best In-class infrastructure. Highly and rapidly scalable.

No dependency on
in-house IT

Business users run the reports themselves. No infrastructure or expertise required at the user's end.

Campaign Monitoring

Detailed campaign logs sent to users, including error-reporting (on reports that fail to generate or emails that are not sent).

User-defined validations

Business rules for emailing campaigns. For example, do not send emails to users where Sales Value = 0

Great support

Monitoring of updates in reporting tools. Prompt user notification and issue resolution.

Extendable platform

Centrally manage your report distribution requirements including Tableau, SharePoint or in-house reports.

*   Each PDF report can be emailed to multiple recipients at no additional cost.
*   For advanced usage (API integrations, programmatic access.) and
high volume report generation (>5000 pdfs), please contact us for pricing.

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About Us

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