Runs on your local browser. Your data never leaves your machine.


Report formatting and datatype matched to Power BI visual.


White labeling. Volume licensing. More on request.


$99 per user per year. Try free for 14 days.

Installation Guide

  1. Download BI Helper Matrix. Ignore any download warning message of the type "bihelper-matrix-** ... may be dangerous" and select the Keep option from the dropdown.

  2. Unzip the bihelper-matrix-*.* package.

  3. Open Chrome and go to chrome://extensions.

  4. In chrome://extensions, switch on the developer mode in the top right corner of the menu bar. Matrix runs in Chrome Developer Mode.

  5. Click on Load unpacked (upper left of screen) and point it to the folder where the zip file has been extracted. This will install BI Helper Matrix as a Chrome extension on your machine.

  6. Open your Power BI report, navigate to the tab containing Table or Matrix visuals and click on the BI Helper Matrix extension.

  7. Login to BI Helper Matrix using your Google account. Click on the Refresh icon and select your Table or Matrix to start the Excel download.

No, Matrix works completely within your browser and shares no report data with us.

No, Matrix doesn't work with embedded reports due to browser security policies.

Yes, Matrix works with PBI Report Server, which is a part of Power BI Premium.

Multi-dimensional matrix visual: Rows and columns having subcategories

Matrix doesn't support multi-dimensional matrix visuals. If the rows or columns have sub-categories, Matrix will not work. ‚Äč Multi-dimensional support is planned in a future release.

Matrix is for on-demand download of visuals from your Power BI report. Schedule and email functionality is provided by BI Helper, which automates your report distribution. Create your account at https://bihelper.tech and set up your Power BI reports for distribution.

  • 1. Matrix doesn't support multi-dimensional matrix visuals at present. If the rows or columns have sub-categories, Matrix will not work. Multi-dimension support is planned in a future release.

  • 2. Matrix downloads your pivoted data as an MS Excel file but does not retain the visual formatting (bold, underline, etc.).

  • 4. The default cell data type in Matrix is 'string'. Matrix intelligently tries to predict the data type of the columns in your visual and set it up for you in the Excel download.

  • 5. The downloaded MS Excel file names are named using the Title of the selected matrix or table visual in your Power BI report.

Please write to kiran@bihelper.tech or ishan@bihelper.tech and we will have it resolved on priority.